8 Simple Tips to Explode your WordPress Blog

Are you planning to set up a WordPress blog? Or, Do you wish to grow and expand your existing blog website?

Below is a list of 8 compelling tips that can help you in Blog growth journey. Let’s have a look at it.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the text strings that a user enter in search engines to get results. Therefore, if you have stuffed enough relevant keywords in your blogs, you don’t need to worry about web traffic at all.

To achieve the best results, you need to take help of some digital tools available that can help you with the best performing keywords.

Curate Useful Content

Make sure you are following a specific structure to write your blogs. Be informative, Original, and sound in your writings.

Improve Website Loading Times

Low page load times are the biggest turn off for consumers who have a lot of options to choose from. If your website fails to load in less than 2 seconds (an average page load time set), it tends to have a greater bounce rate.

Adding to this, your SEO also gets negatively affected by it. So, try to fix your website speed for better SEO and UX on your WordPress blog.

Make it Mobile-friendly

Nowadays, more than half of all web traffic is coming from smartphones or tablets. So, it is important to make your WordPress blog mobile-friendly. In the current time, almost every activity is done via easy to use and convenient smartphones.

Hire WordPress developer

SEO approach

‘Search Engine Optimization’ has always remained a crucial aspect of digital industry due to ever-evolving dependence of users towards search engines like Google. As mentioned earlier in this article, people use keywords to fetch results in search engines.

Similarly, there are many other factors that can allow you to reach the high ranks of search results. Adding XML sitemaps, internal linking, enhance the readability of website URL, etc. are some important factors while performing best SEO practices.

Link Building

Promote your WordPress blog to other prominent website owners while keeping your primary goal of securing a hyperlink of your website.

This approach allows you to fetch web traffic from search, a dedicated link building method is the best choice to make.

Social Media

A social media space offers you an outstanding, visibly strong brand presence among millions of users within a lesser time span. Whether it is selling products online or your blog website, social media marketing has taken over the industry.

You can easily create a social media account and gain followers with consistent posts. For instance, if you are on Instagram, you can easily promote your writings with appropriate hashtags.

Kick out Broken Links

Broken links are quite bad for your blog and its relevant SEO score. Try to get rid of any kind of broken link or irrelevant links of your WordPress blog.

Also, try to avoid such links on your posts that are redirected to other websites. It also hampers your overall performance and UX.


In this article, I have tried to come up with the best and easy to follow growth tips that can help you achieve your professional goals.

At last, I am hopeful that you like this article and have found it relevant in context with your growth needs.

I’m a professional content writer and an individual who constantly look for new eCommerce trends. Due to its dynamic nature, eCommerce industry keeps on shifting from one trend to another. I always try my level best to cope up with this dynamicity.
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