30 Groups I'm Not An Active Fan Of, But Still Like

So we all have those groups where we like some of their music but wouldn't call yourself an avid fan of said groups. For instance you may like one of their songs but not anyof the others or you may not know all of the members etc.

Here are 30 groups that I'm not an active fan of but I've liked some of their music!


I am in love with their song She Bad. The choreo was made by Cha Hakyeon too. I so far only really really like She Bad. I only know members Kookheon and Yubin too.


I've liked a couple of their songs but I guess I didn't like them enough to get to know the members. Without U is a jam though!


Top Secret is adorable and very underrated. I haven't checked more into them that's why they are on this list.


Bursters aren't active enough for me to get into them. Lost Child could be an anime opening I swear!

[Seven O'Clock]

They make such good music but I haven't looked more into them.


I can only recognize Mino and Jinwoo. I go back and forth between being a fan of them and not. I really really (get my pun) like some of their music. But some of their music I also really don't like.


I need more content from them before I decide to stan.


I need a comeback before I can decide to stan them or not. There's not enough content for them.


As for Be.A the same thing that I said about Vermuda.

[Golden Child]

I've seen them live, they are freaking talented. But I haven't gotten to know all of the members yet. I only know Y and Daeyeol.


TRCNG are just another group that TS Ent is sleeping on. Not enough content and I don't know all the members. I think I know around 3-5 of them. Hayoung, Taeseon...is there one named Jisung? Okay so maybe I only know 3... GIVE THEM MORE MUSIC TS!

[Big Bang]

Ima be honest with this one. I have never been a huge fan of them. But that being said I do know all of them and like some of their music. Some is just not for me though.


I go in between liking their music and not. Give me more until I can tell if I like them or not!


I only know them because of Marco. He was in UNB. BBang was a jam though!


I LOVE Domino. But I'm always iffy when I get into project groups like this one. When their next comeback comes I'll know if I'm their fan.


I only know them because of Hansol who was almost in NCT and was also in UNB. I love Tu Eres except for the chorus. I'm waiting for more from them.


I like them and I've seen them live. I am telling you they can fucking perform and it's amazing. But saying that I also only like a couple songs of their's though the one's I do like I REALLY like.


Their song Vibe is a vibe. I also know Rubin (Haejoon) and BC (Sungho) because they were on Boys24. They have a high chance of drawing me in!


I still don't know if I like their music or not?

[Great Guys]

Illusion is a straight up jam but I need more content.


Same for Spectrum that I said for Great Guys. What do I do is a jam!


There's just so many of them...(I say this like I didn't just learn the 12 members of The Boyz. Know the 13 members of Seventeen..or all 21 members of NCT...) I'm just lazy when it comes to them I guess...


I like them but have made no moves to get to know them.


I just fell out of love with them. I know all of them and I've seen them live before. They are amazing! I love how goofy they are but their music isn't the same anymore.


Just saying but Better Do Better is a fucking jam. Don't sleep on it. But that being said I haven't ventured to get to know the members yet.


I just need more music before I decide.


I've just been lazy. Sorry Target!


I just don't know the members. I like their music. I am going to try and learn them as they'll be at KCON NY.


Back when I first got into kpop I was a fan of them but then they fell off the face of the earth there for a bit and I forgot about them. I haven't gotten fully back into them yet.


I used to be Got7 trash. I just am not into them that much anymore. I still know all of them and listen to their music just not religiously anymore. (I mean I still jam to their old music.) Funny story I have A downloaded on iTunes and anytime I plug my phone into charge in my mom's car it like starts playing and my mom jams to it for a full 30 seconds before we turn it off.


Do you have any groups like this for you?


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