Telescope From Earth Captured A UFO Going Behind The Moon

UFO Sightings Footage is posting this amazing video of a UFO (the size of which is unimaginable) and showing you just what it like to see a real UFO as anyone can do.

Get a telescope, aim it at the Moon. You are guaranteed to see a UFO. I watched the ISS live feed the other day, in fact I've got an app that notifies me when it's going live and straight away, straight away 3 UFOs came into sight.

Check this bad boy out, the image by default goes to the bottom so check it out there. I caught that "and they notified me". It's like I have a personal app that tells me a UFO is in view...

The point to all what I'm saying is this, get looking! Your more than ever likely to find a UFO.

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UFO Sightings Footage

May 25, 2019 at 8:28 AM

The Moon has many, many secrets. This video taken from Earth through a telescope and recorded, shows us a planet sized UFO moving fast. It's moving very fast for any known heavenly body. This is something, I can sense that.

I saw this on the ISS live fee.

There is definitely a secret war going on with UFOs and humans in our skies of which both sides are been shot out the skies. When it's them, recovery teams move in and pilfer the contents and we all get a new iPhone or a new doodad (gadget) to annoy the neighbors with. The technology to do this is all back or reverse engineered from the "very thing" that some people say started all this war in the first place! The UFO in this video is well and truly shot with a missile.
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