If You Believe In UFOs This Is One For The Books For Real

UFO Sightings Footage

Monday, May 27, 2019 3:10:00 pm

Seeing this for the first time I was speechless, the UFO here is one of them that you wish you saw yourself.

It ticks all the boxes for me.

If you believe in Aliens and UFOs then where do you set your sights?

What do you settle on and say right, this is what I'm aiming to discover as this is what I believe constitutes a real UFO.

This is that real UFO.

It's not a Gucci handbag, we don't have a good standard so to speak to compare all UFO sightings to.

But we do have common sense, we do have our innate senses and our gut feelings.

The Jedi "force" is strong with this one, lol.


There is definitely a secret war going on with UFOs and humans in our skies of which both sides are been shot out the skies. When it's them, recovery teams move in and pilfer the contents and we all get a new iPhone or a new doodad (gadget) to annoy the neighbors with. The technology to do this is all back or reverse engineered from the "very thing" that some people say started all this war in the first place! The UFO in this video is well and truly shot with a missile.
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