TR3B caught on night vision camera

TR3B filmed in night vision are absolutely stunning and in this amazing video we can see this one breaking the speed limit lol (If there was one). Is this a real UFO or a back engineered aircraft? This is the critical question which even today probably won't get answered and the mystery will continue like it has for decades. Nobody can answer it satisfactorily as its got the reverse engineering ellement to it. The video though is absolutely amazing and shows it in good clarity.

There is definitely a secret war going on with UFOs and humans in our skies of which both sides are been shot out the skies. When it's them, recovery teams move in and pilfer the contents and we all get a new iPhone or a new doodad (gadget) to annoy the neighbors with. The technology to do this is all back or reverse engineered from the "very thing" that some people say started all this war in the first place! The UFO in this video is well and truly shot with a missile.
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