From The End To Start (Jaehyun Oneshot)

Hello all, I recently finished a Jaehyun oneshot and I thought I’d share the link for it here. I won’t be posting it on here as it is 11,000 words long but I have posted it on my AFF account! This oneshot is connected to my Taeyong oneshot called ‘If It’s For You, I’m Alright.’ But you do not have to read it before this one, though some things may make more sense if you do. I’ll link them both. The Description for the Jaehyun one-shot is: Sometimes you have to end it so you can start again. -or- Jaehyun and Sekyung breakup to get back together again later on. —- Check it out below:

Below is the link to If It’s For You, I’m Alright (the oneshot that came before this):

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