Hyde VAMPS with K.A.Z NY interview with SOHEE BERKS interview!

SOHEE: So you have received letters for Yoshiki and you right? Hyde: Yes I have received letters from five people SOHEE: Really five people? Hyde: Yes K.A.Z: Yoshiki announced the five new letters on Yoshiki.net Hyde: I have gotten one from Maiko she is 15 Hyde: Then I have another from Sugizo he is 24 Hyde: Another from Neco he is 19. Hyde: One more from L. Zoe she is 12. Hyde: And last from Nia she is 31. K.A.Z: You have 12 year old fans I didn't know that. Hyde:I didn't know that either but apparently I do she says she is a big fan of my music and hopes to see me live in soon. SOHEE: Thats interesting that you have 12 year old fans? Hyde: I think I have many more maybe on Yoshiki.net I will have to see ___________________________________________________ -Hyde Letters interview on BERKS script - VAMPS American Street Team - Yoshiki.net

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