A Racer's Dream [A full length movie]

A Racer's Dream by Hutchinson UR UCI Elite Downhill mountain biking team. This is a movie that shows downhill mountain biking from a different point of view. Hutchinson UR team is used to making web videos that show a lot of the fun and the bright side of mountain bike racing, with the traveling, the riding, the fun, the podiums etc... A Racer's Dream gives you an insight on all of the above but also shows the other side of the sport with the injuries, the doubts, the research and development, the hard training, the preparation and at the end, the ruthless judgement of the clock. Follow closely Mick and Tracey Hannah, Fabien Cousinié and Guillaume Cauvin through 14 months of preparation towards their biggest goal of the year : The Downhill World Championships in South Africa. Becoming World Champion is still a racer's dream for them. This movie was made possible thanks to the help of Polygon, Alltricks, Formula, 100%, Alpinestars and Fox Racing Shox. It's available for FREE on internet.

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