Stray Kids - 'Cle 2: Yellow Wood' Album Tracks

All the tracks from Stray Kids' latest album!

(Note: If there is a Korean title listed I put it first and then the English title.)

[Special Note: For the mixtapes I am going to also be posting their "demo" 3RACHA versions because I love those too!]

[1] 밟힌 적 없는 길 / Road Not Taken

[2] 부작용 / Side Effects (Title)

[3] 별생각 / TMT

[4] Placebo / Mixtape #1

[4.5] Placebo (Not on the album)

[5] Even A Shadow Needs Light To Exist / Mixtape #2

[5.5] Even A Shadow Needs A Light To Exist (Not on the album)

[6] For You / Mixtape #3

[6.5] For You (Not on the album)

[7] Broken Compass / Mixtape #4

[7.5] Broken Compass (Not on the album)


Which song is your favorite?


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