Got7 Community President Introduction 📣

Hello Ahgases! It's Melissa, and I'm happy to announce that I am once again President for Got7 Community! I will be doing a brief introduction of myself. As well as cover community guidelines. Then some plans I have for the new term.


As I mentioned, my name is Melissa. Let me share some things about myself like...

* I'm from Texas

* I'm a huge kpop fan

* I'm in multiple fandoms

* My hobbies are reading, photo editing, watching dramas and WWE wrestling

* I love reading fan fiction, even dab in sometimes. I just need more practice.

* I even crochet once in awhile XD

* Besides being President for Got7, I'm also currently President for EXO and NCT.

* I am also on varies councils like Pentagon, Monsta X, Super Junior, VAV and others.

* My Ultimate Bias is Jackson Wang.

* JB and Jinyoung (sometimes even Mark) are my Got7 wreckers XD

* Got7, BTS, NCT, EXO and Monsta X are in my Top 5 favorite kpop groups.


Well that's basically who I am. Let's move to the plans I have for the new term.


We will continue on with Member weeks with themed days. Here is the themed day schedule. We are encouraging everyone to participate. You just pick a themed day you like, then the fun starts.

Themed Day Schedule Sunday~ Ship*Who would you ship with the member of the week

Monday ~ Memes*Member of the Week memes

Tuesday~ Tune*This can be for group or member of the Week solo songs

Wednesday ~Writer*Write something about the member of the Week like poem, one shot or something else.

Thursday~ Thirsty*Share sexy moments or images of the member of the Week

Friday~ Fan Art*member of the week fan art. You can share or make your own.

Saturday ~ Surprised *This is a surprise challenge. It will be different every week.

For example, this week's surprised challenge is finding images of members wearing sunglasses. You just have Saturday to post them. Sounds fun, right?

I will be posting members Week Schedule tomorrow. We will be starting from the youngest.

I'm also planning another giveaway and event for the new term. I will provide more details soon on both.

Now for some serious stuff. It's really not that difficult to be part of the community. Besides always showing love and support...

*There is no Bullying allowed! None in a form is allowed.

* Let's respect each other's opinions

* Mature content must have proper warnings like +19

*No Self-harm or similar topics are allowed in community chats.

(Be warned, I will be watching out for this)

*Just remember our community is suppose to fun. So let's have fun together!

*Please report anyone violating any of the top guideline

If you aren't part of this amazing community, here is the link to join us.


Until next time Ahgases!


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