KPOP Community President Introduction

Hello everyone This is Luna @luna1171) some of you old members might recognize me and some of you new members dont know me.. I have been a Vingler for quite some time, I was originally GOT7 community moderator when we used to have Moderators and then, the pioneer president..Now I have been granted the honor of become the 4th president of KPOP community. I am very happy to work with all the fandoms. Iam still choosing members for my council to help me out please bare with me.. for now I have chosen 2 people that have been working with me for a while...

Iam also planning on creating theme days for the community. Iam thinking throughly carefully because I want to create something that everyone can participate.. I am also open to suggestions because is way much better to come up with something when we have suggestions.. done be afraid and let me know in the Comments section.


Also, I like to thanks everyone who voted for me, I really appreciate thank you very much. For your support. And I hope this Quater be of your liking..


Thank you all

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