I am in need of Morale support about something bugging me if anyone is out there.

I made a cover dance of a kpop song I like for the first time. And for some reason I get camera shy, if I was on a stage this would not happen. So sometimes t would turn into freestyling buI was so confident about about it then some jerk Commented laughing at me and disliked the video. In your guys opinions how would you deal with knowing you have a hater, mentally. I can't seem to shake it

I try so hard only to get bashed. It mostly irritates me cuz they didn't say why they particularly laughed. If I knew why they laughed I would be able to cope with this more but it's not like I am going to straight up ask them. But my thoughts are like I know I am pretty, if you are laughing because of the one flaw I have that makes me said because I try to tell myself I am beautiful everyday but sometimes it is hard. Sometimes I feel ugly and just thinking that is why they didn't like the video, makes me doubt myself more

Maybe my dance moves were off a bit but I was nervous and I can only improve.

Just because of my self consciousness I am not posting the video on here to show anyone.

I just really need some Morale support and I thought I would ask fellow ARMY what to do. I love you all ^¬^ and I just want to be okay with myself.

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