Disney Princess: Snow White

Hi Guys! I'm sure you all know Disney princesses. They were with us since we were so young - don't you guys need a follow up at this time? There are so many princesses upadated. Let's learn more about the princesses together :>

Today's Pick: Snow White

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs,

Movie Trailor (1987)


Name: Snow White

Age: 14 (in 1937) | 96 as of 2019


Other Aliases:

Marital Status:

Known Relatives:

Group Affiliation:

Base Of Operations:




Snow White has kind hearted and gentle princess, with lips red as rose and skin white as a snow. She believes the world should be a happy place where everybody is kind and generous to every liing creature and the 7 dwarfs are not an exception.

Related Fun Fact

By now, Snow White is 96 and she will look even older than the illustration below!

Who's your own pick? Wait for the next series - It's coming SOON

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