AMC:The Top races, to get high scores

With the fact that some standardization tests such as TOEFL and SATS are generally scored high, the academic competition that reflects the uniqueness of students has gradually become a stepping stone for famous schools. As a strong point of science, AMC is one of major competitions that many students prefer. Linstitute is the most popular among overseas students.

AMC (American mathematics competition)


 1、3Stars      AMC 8  is not limited to students under the 8th grade. The content is roughly the same as the American junior high school mathematics outline.

 2、5Stars    AMC 10  Test sites cover teaching knowledge points below the 10th grade in the United States, elementary algebra, geometry, probability, etc.

 3、5Stars    AMC12 In addition to mastering the content of AMC10, some trigonometric functions, higher geometry, etc. are added, and the difficulty is deeper than before.

AMC 历年竞赛真题


All in all, AMC enhances students' interest and enthusiasm in mathematics through a competitive appeal and promotes the ability to solve problems. The scope of the exam is comprehensive and students from different foundations can participate. On the other hand, for those students with better mathematics foundation, it is more conducive to stand out in the competition, and also put a label in advance for entering the famous school in the future. AMC is a talent pool of American mathematics, which has certain reference and evaluation value for applicants' mathematics academic achievements. 


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