not to tie up your hair

The last step is to neutralize the fixator. What's the strange feeling about the habit of brushing your hair? Clean up, clean up Let's play it again and rinse it. Finally: Hair is dry in the wind, without any brush or smooth iron. From a small, broken ridge that looks like it's only built overhead, we find a welltrained ridge, which discovers a new fold. No more indecent curls, curls, volume out of control? Adjustable Be careful not to get wet within 48 hours, not to tie up your hair, and not to wear a hat (anyway). As a result, we no longer need it. The results were guaranteed for several weeks. Indeed, it depends on the extension of the hair. They are from But hair grows about a centimeter a month and weakens over time. If necessary, we can make some real hair wigs changes. The price is appropriate, but the time is the same... We are no longer in pain, just a little patience. The test was conducted at a barbershop with L'Oreal's XTenso Moisturist (Natural Hair Style), located at 75006 44th Street, Paris, between the fingers of the Loni Fairy, a barberexpert. Don't throw a sponge at once If you want to succeed in 10 minutes, you need to grab the operating table, and then feel and be patient.

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