Holy hair transformation!

Wow, her hairstylist DID THAT.


Let's review the steps because I am ITCHING to try this home!

1. Curl hair forward with a curler. But not all the way to the roots.

2. Finish the entire head (if you are doing this alone, you might want to forgo the phone)

3. Brush the curls out.

4. Section hair, and begin teasing by back combing your hair.

OPTIONAL SECTION 4.5. Add extensions for volume.

5. Tease hair again and hold in place with hairspray.

6. Pin hair back for that old hollywood glam look

7. Put curls in place using brush and comb to finish the look.

And finally, a beautiful glamourous hairstyle to fit how beautiful she is on her wedding day.

I cannot wait to try this myself!

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