Unscented votive candles placed

Make sure centerpieces are low to the table so they don't block your guests' view of each other and inhibit conversation. A creative arrangement will also spark conversation. This welcomes guests, as well as prosperity and abundance, into your home.

Positive Energy at the Table

Unscented votive candles placed around the table create a sense of warmth and joy.


Before Dinner

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Why not start a tradition of taking a walk outside to appreciate the scenery and the cool autumn air? After all, the practice of Feng Shui teaches us to celebrate our environment, both natural and manmade. Position it so everyone has enough space to sit. Remember to snap lots of photos and share them with your guests after the event.

Make sure the path to your home and the entrance is illuminated.

Arrange chairs so that no one has his back to the door.

Glance around the room and consider each seat. For instance, serve beige or off-white foods in brightly-colored, festive bowls, and arrange a vegetable tray with an assortment of peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and celery to present a range of colors. A round table, with no beginning and no end, is best, but don't worry if your table is rectangular. You can move the table out into the center of the room if necessary.

Enhance the atmosphere with fun holiday music or a playlist of your guests' favorite songs. Consider all five senses as you use these additional Feng Shui tips to inspire a festive mood in your home this Thanksgiving. The host should sit in the command position, which is at an angle from the entrance into the room. Bells on the door will greet guests with a cheerful chime. Offer them a beverage and snacks, such as an arrangement of nuts and other seasonal treats. You can also ask your guests to bring one of their own "signature" dishes and share the recipe with everyone.

Hanging a mirror on the wall next to the table "multiplies" your feast, encouraging abundance in the year ahead." In the short term, these could make the person sitting in their path feel uncomfortable. Serve a unique dish that has significance within your family.

After-Dinner Activities

It's okay if everyone wants to retire to the living room and watch the football game, but consider other social activities you can enjoy while the game plays in the background. Is a buffet table or china cabinet with sharp corners pointing directly at a guest?A lively centerpiece of fresh flowers, pumpkins, gourds and fruit activates the energy at the table. You don't want guests pushed into a corner or feeling trapped.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Pay careful attention to the seating arrangement. Create color balance in your display of food to enhance guests' appetites. Keep music low so it doesn't interfere with conversation. You can drape live greenery across a sharp corner to lessen the negative energy. This position allows the host to see the door but not be directly in line with it.

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