My Drama List (Updated)

A list of all the Asian Dramas/Movies I've seen!

I will be listing not only the Korean dramas/movies I've seen but other Asian dramas as well!

(If a drama is one of my favorites I will put a * next to them!)

[Currently Watching]

Beauty Inside (Korean)


Korean Dramas:



Aftermath 2

Age of Youth*

Age of Youth 2*

Are You Human Too?*

Because This Is My First Life



Children Of Nobody*

Cinderella and Four Knights


Come and Hug Me

Descendants of the Sun

Doubtful Victory

Dr. Frost

Dream Knight


EXO Next Door


Goodbye to Goodbye*


Hello Monster*

Hit the Top


I Hear Your Voice*

Introverted Boss

It’s Okay, That’s Love

I’m Not A Robot

Just One Bite

Just One Bite 2

Kill It*

Last Minute Romance

Liar Game*

Longing Heart

Love in the Moonlight

Love Playlist 3

Lucky Romance

Mad Dog

Missing 9

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


My Father Is Strange

My ID is Gangnam Beauty*

My Secret Romance

Nightmare Teacher


Orange Marmalade

Pentagon Maker

People You May Know


Remember - War of the Son*

Reunited Worlds*

Sassy Go Go

Save Me*

School 2015 - Who Are You?

School 2017*


Stray Kids

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Surplus Princess

Suspicious Partner

Temperature of Love

The Bride of Habaek

The Crowned Clown

The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

The Great Seducer

The Guardians

The K2

The Legend of the Blue Sea*

The Liar and His Lover

The Master’s Sun

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes*


Thirty But Seventeen

Thumping Spike

To Be Continued

Tomorrow Boy

To the Beautiful You


Vampire Detective*


Voice 2*


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo*

What's Up With These Kids?

While You Were Sleeping

White Christmas: Drama Special

You Who Came From the Stars*

Japanese Dramas:

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (The Town Where Only I Am Missing)

Good Morning Call

Good Morning Call - Our Campus Days

Yakou Kanransha

Chinese Dramas:

I Cannot Hug You

I Cannot Hug You 2

King is not Easy

Les Interprètes

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 2

Meteor Garden*

My Amazing Boyfriend*

Thai Dramas:

Bad Romance

Hua Jai Sila (Heart of Stone)

My Dear Loser: Monster Romance

The Judgement*

Together With Me*

U-Prince: The Ambitious Boss

U-Prince: The Gentle Vet

U-Prince: The Single Lawyer

Korean Movies:

Alice: Boy from Wonderland

Fabricated City


Secretly, Greatly

The Magician

The Silenced*

Train to Busan*

Japanese Movies:

Bleach (Live Action)

Hirunaka no Ryuusei (Daytime Shooting Star)

Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You)*

Kyou no Kira-kun (Today's Kira-kun)*

Lovely Complex

My Little Monster

Tokyo Ghoul (Live Action)

Chinese Movies:

Animal World*

The Great Wall

The Witness*

Thai Movies:

(None Yet)


About Time (Korean)

Encounter (Korean)

Girl From Nowhere: The Series (Thai)

He Is Psyhometric (Korean)

Kingdom (Korean)

Less Than Evil (Korean)

Memories of Alhambra (Korean)

My Strange Hero (Korean)

SKY Castle (Korean)

Solomon’s Perjury (Korean)

The Guest (Korean)

Together With Me The Next Chapter (Thai)

Twelve Nights (Korean)


A Love So Beautiful (Chinese)

A Werewolf Boy (Korean Movie)

Black (Korean)

Bow Then Kiss (Japanese Movie)

D-Day (Korean)

Dream High (Korean)

Doctor Stranger (Korean)

Doomsday Book (Korean Movie)

Gap Dong (Korean)

Go Go Waikiki (Korean)

Heard it through the Grapevine (Korean)

Hormones (Thai)

Iris (Korean)

Iron Lady Cha (Korean)

Lovely Horribly (Korean)

Mirror of the Witch (Korean)

Re: Mind (Japanese)

She Was Pretty (Korean)

Shopping King Louie (Korean)

Stranger (Korean)

The Scholar Who Walks the Night (Korean)

The Third Charm (Korean) *

U-Prince: The Handsome Cowboy (Thai)

When I See You Again (Taiwanese)


What's your list like?



If you'd like to be tagged in any of my Asian drama/actor stuff please let me know!

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