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Hello Hello!! Its been quite a while since I’ve been able to get on vingle. Summer equals super busy and now that its about half way done its finally caught up to me with how long I’ve had a social life and haven’t come onto my fav site Vingle!

Recently I became president of the Kdrama community and am excited to pick up where it left off. Veronica had some great idea’s for the community and I’m hoping to continue with some of those Idea’s.

Each week Kdrama cmty will bring you to one day of recommended Dramas, Man crush Monday’s, Fantastic Female Fridays, and weekend binge worthy. These are a few things to look forward to!! Hopefully people will join in and recommend a few drama’s that they are loving!!

If yoy would like to be tagged for KDrama content go ahead and leave word and we'll add you to the taglist!

fam tag! new updated list!

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I'm just your average panda who loves kpop and is addicted to kdramas
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