Find Your Real Personality 16 : MBTI

What is MBTI?

Myers–Briggs Type IndicatorMBTIintrospectiveself-reportpsychologicalpseudoscience

Katharine Cook BriggsIsabel Briggs Myers[4]conceptualCarl Jung[5][6]

This really does work......It's insane.

With the type of personality after the test, you can also find job suggestion!!

I got ENFP for my personality, and it's more accurate than I expected.

You guys should also try out!!!

According to the chart, 8% of people have ENFP as me. ESTP is only 3% ! Find out if you guys are in that 3%.

This is the job recommendation :)

What each words mean!!

Total 16 personalities ! What personality do you have? Try it out!

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