Best Serums and Creams for Summer !!

Hi! This is Mikayla with another Beauty Items :)

sensitive, acne-prone, combination skin type'

(1) Belif Youth creator-age knockdown bomb

I don't know if you guys have heard of this series. I'm sure that many of you will know Belif, but this product is kind of rare. I personally really liked this serum because my skin is very dry inside and oily outside. This absorbs fully into skin but does not give you greasy and oily feeling after. Also didn't cause any breakouts! It is kind of pricy, so if you guys want something cheaper, then scroll down lol

2. Dr. Jart Cicapair Serum

This is a famous cica serum from Korea, which is also sold in Sephora. I recommend this product to acne prone skin types with redness and blemish scars. I liked it but wasn't working with my friend for some reason.

3. Hanyul Pure Artemisia

This worked really well on my skin. Artemisia usually have calming effect and luckily, it did calmed my skin. I think my skin looked okay only with this cream after putting makeup on. Usually if you put makeup on only using cream, you get cakey face after a while. But this one was okay :)

Hope it helped :)

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