A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 10 preview [Eng translation]

AGD previews out again!!! Follow me to get regular updates whenever previews come out http://www.vingle.net/Luka ================================ A gentleman's dignity ep 10 In the middle of the afternoon, Jungro Dojin Taesan and Yoon go to the PC Bang to play PC games together. They enjoy themselves immensely and are completely absorbed in their games forgetting time and everything else around them. The atmosphere is very intense and serious in the PC Bang and we can see only their hands clicking on the keyboard. Very intense! They even heard that Jeon Ji Hyun [famous actress] is coming to the PC Bang but they didnt move at all. BUT when they heard that Im Yo Hwan [famous gamer] is going to the PC Bang they all stood up... Grin boys will be boys!

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