The Number 1 Reason Why Marriages Succeed

Wouldn’t it be super if you could read your mate’s mind, or at least get a bit of insight into what he’s thinking, and how he thinks?

A dream come through; wouldn’t it be?

Sadly, things aren’t like that.

However, with patience and sincere questions, you could draw out your mate’s emotions so as to make better decisions together and improve the unit of your family.

A shrewd decision is to also think as a unit. It’s best to put your mate’s interests above your own. Likewise, he’s expected to do the same.

When you feel strongly about a family matter, a good idea is to conclude that he’s feeling the same way too.

Are you stressed about finances? He could be stressed too! Are you worried about what your next meal will be and when it will come? Ditto!

Never reason that you’re the only one facing issues within your family. Everyone takes a hit.

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