Did Disney steal The Lion King from a Japanese anime?

Lion KingLion KingKimba, The White Lion Kimba, The White Lion

And now with the live action remake making half a billion dollars worldwide, a lot of viewers are now finding out and debating about how original the story of Lion King actually is.

Kimba, The White LionKimba, The White Lion

Even the Tezuka camp has gone on record to say Disney copied the idea. However Disney denies the allegations and continues to say Lion King is a 10000% original Disney story.

Lion KingLion King

1. Kimba vs Simba

The most obvious is the name of the protagonists in both stories: Simba and Kimba. Who not only look slightly similar, share similar names but also similar motivations as both are young lions who will inherit the savanna empire.

2. Scar x2

The story goes that Kimba is an orphan lion after his father is killed and mother is captured. He manages to escape and when he returns home, he realizes that a bad lion with a scar on his eye, took power and became a dictator.

Sound and look familiar?

3. Simba and Kimba's friendship circle

Kimba makes friends with two animals, a lion cub and a tucan. The same thing happens with Simba, when Nala and Zaza join.

Similar squads too.. hmm.

4. Cloud visions

Both Simba and Kimba see visions of their respective fathers in clouds, pushing them in the direction they should go.

5. Simba and Kimba on Pride Rock..

... et tu?

6. Creators of the Lion King, as well as Matthew Broderick (the og voice of Simba), have said that they have seen the anime Kimba The White Lion before.

The list could go on and on...

But I think one thing we can agree on is, Disney's Lion King wasn't all that original..

What do you think? Coincidence or Blatant copy?

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