Do You Still Carry Liquid Products For Vacation?

There are many reasons to travel liquid-free, but one of the biggest reasons is the pesky TSA liquids rule. The rule is there for a good reason, but it can make packing for a flight more tedious than any of us care for!!

make packing easier, consider traveling with a liquid-free toiletry kit

(1) Solid Hair Conditioner

Conditioning Bar

Lush conditioning bar(This post is not sponsored FYI, I just really wanted to try their products for this liquid-free toiletry kit).

(2) Bar Soap

Bar Soap

Bar soap is the obvious choice for a liquid-free toiletry kit. This item isn’t anything special or new. We’ve all used bar soap before, and there are a ton of options. Just pick your favorite bar soap, get a reusable container to keep it in, and you can use it for showering, washing hands, or even for your face and hair in a pinch.

Dr. Bronner’s bar soaps

(3) Cleansing Stick

Solid Face Wash Cleansing Sticks

When I was initially putting together my liquid-free toiletry kit, face wash was the hardest product to find. But now that I know solid face wash cleansing sticks exist, they are my FAVORITE beauty product for travel. I’m kind of obsessed with these, and have started using them even when I’m not traveling.

(4) Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bar

There are a lot of shampoo bars out there to choose from. They work just like bar soap, but they’re for your hair! I wanted to find a good formula that wouldn’t dry out my hair.

Lush shampoo barsSeanik shampoo bar

tin containers

(5) Solid Toothpaste

Toothpaste Tabs

Lush Toothpaste Tabs

(6) Stick Sunscreen

Using sunscreen stick is easy, non-sticky and convenient way to apply sunscreen on your body. I use this because this Neutrogena product is easy to be found in any places. The scent is also good so I repeatedly apply this on my face, neck, and all over my body.

Do you have anything in mind!?

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