Why We Love Playing Bad Guys In Video Games

Games with low morality are common in the video game industry. You only have to look at the massive popularity of the decidedly moral-free Grand Theft Auto franchise to see that the audience for them is huge. For those who prefer their games a little less realistic, there are still plenty of other titles which will reward you for killing others or destroying cars and property. Just being a bad guy.

Entire genres, such as shooters and battle royale games, focus entirely on eliminating monsters, zombies, and even other players in order to reign supreme. So why are these games so popular? Are we all just bad people at heart or is there more to it?

In reality, the vast majority of gamers are not morally bankrupt, whatever critics may say. While naturally there will be some players who don’t make smart choices in real life, for most of us playing the bad guy is total fantasy and often done alongside many other games.

Gaming is a pastime which enables players to escape the real world and its consequences. While some games focus on realism, especially now graphics are so realistic, many more are set in complete fantasy realms.

allowing us to make decisions we wouldn’t even consider in real life

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