Kpop Grown and Sexy Playlist

Hello fam! This playlist is for the grown and sexy Kpop fans!!!


1. Tonight Taeyang featuring Zico

Idk where I've been but um...I've just discovered this song and I love it. Baby making vibes!


2. Play Me by Taemin

Most of his solo songs are super grownish.

3. I Don't Disappoint by Jay Park

This song has the Jay Park THOTS throbbing...


4. You and I by Crush

This definitely is a song for the ride or I grown ppl. I can imagine me in the club grinding up on Namjoon with my drank in my hand....

5. Naked by Taeyang

The title explains it all...


6. Make it Right by BTS

This is on the boarder line compared to the only songs. BUT my fellow ARMY PEEPS know if BTS sang this to you dem clothes dropping the floor lol

7. 24 hours by Sunmi

This song will give you feelings!

8. Down by Jessi

This song is classy but sexy at the same time.

9. Thirsty by Taemin

The lyrics...his voice will leave you speechless. After hearing this song I know he will owe you some child support lol!

10. House of Cards by BTS (Jimin, Jungkook, Tae and Jin)

All you can imagine is colors of gray and black paired with lace...Satin sheets anyone? lol

I LOVE KPOP, Korean Hip-hop, anime, skincare, fanfiction, makeup. I'm an ARMY and Namjoon is my hubby x Jimin is my next favorite! I'm in love with Asian culture! Besos and Blessings up!
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