Banana Ice-cream


5 ripe bananas (porcelain bananas or old bananas are fine)

200 ml coconut milk

100ml of fresh milk

1 box of yogurt

½ sweetened condensed milk box

1/3 teaspoon salt

Roasted peanut

Grated coconut rice (shredded coconut)

1 box


Step 1. Processing ingredients

Choose bananas that are ripe, not smashed, peeled off, cut bananas vertically. If the banana is large, cut it into 3-4 slices.

Mix coconut milk, condensed milk, yogurt, salt together, stir well to dissolve. If you prefer rich, sweet-tasting ice cream, you may not use plain yogurt but instead use whole milk.

Peanuts roast yellow, peel off the peel, crush or leave the whole grain as you like.

Step 2. Pour banana cream into the box

First put the ice cream box in the freezer for about 2-3 hours so that the box is available cold, when cooling the ice cream faster.

Get the chilled ice cream container, put a layer of banana on the bottom of the box, sprinkle a layer of yellow roasted peanuts on top, chan mix coconut milk on top. Continue like this until the box is full so that the final layer is a mixture of coconut milk.

Put the grated coconut on the face. Sprinkle a little more roasted peanuts and it's done.

Cover the lid. Put ice cream in the freezer and wait until winter is over and you have finished the delicious sweet and creamy banana ice cream.

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