I Watched 'The Great Hack' and Now I'm Scared of the Internet

Last year data surpassed oil in value. Data is the most valuable asset on Earth.

Last night I decided to watch one of Netflix's newest documentaries, The Great Hack.


I honestly thought the documentary was really well done (though one of the main people of interest in it made me want to throw my laptop out the window - you'll know if you've seen it) and left us with really important points to think about.

Divide and conquer.

Everyone is being manipulated, probably even me. This was a not so gentle reminder to think critically, focus on evidence (and if there is "evidence," check that its real lol), and to uh...read those terms of service.

If this made you feel like throwing your phone out the window, I want to leave you with some hope! Here's an interesting story about 'ethical hacking' and how, while it may seem the internet gods are mostly evil geniuses, there are good guys rising in the ranks to change things!

Data rights are human rights!

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