Humans of seoul #1

“큰 아들은 군대가있고, 둘째 아들은 재수하고 있어요.” “어떨 때 ‘내 아들 같다’ 싶으세요?” “항상 내 아들 같죠.”

“My older son has gone to do his compulsory military service, and the younger one is studying to re-take his university entrance exam.” “When do you feel your sons are most like you?” “I always do."

“더운 건 누구나 마찬가지인데, 어린아이만 이렇게 놀라는 법은 없잖아요.”

“Everyone feels hot no matter what, so there shouldn’t be any rules that say only kids can play like this.”

“젊음이란 부딪히는 거죠. 다 첫 경험이니까요.” “요즘 무엇과 부딪히고 계세요?” “여자친구요.”

“Being young is like bumping into things because we’re trying everything for the first time.” “What are you bumping into these days?” “My girlfriend.”


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