@@@My Skincare Routine@@@

Hello! I was obsessed with watching 'Skincare Routine' videos on Youtube and I thought sharing my skincare routine would be helpful to my Vingle friends too :) So.. to start with, my skin type is combination and sensitive (oily, dry and sensitive..... everything combined in this one face urrggghhh!!)

I'm both 4th&5th one in the picture, which is pretty horrible type of a skin. Anyways, since my skin type is hard to control, I try using organic, non-scent kind of items. Although it doesnt happen sometimes.. ! So, I'll just jot down how I take care of my skin from start to the end.

(1) Remove makeup with cleansing oil

I used to remove makeup with cleansing water, but I noticed that rubbing my face hard with the cotton balls make my skin rough and red. So I started using cleansing oils to remove my makeup and I think it works the best :) It's not irritating my skin at all.

(2) Double cleanse with cleansers (foaming cleansers are less irritate you skin)

I cleanse my face two more times with cleansers because .... because... I want to. And I heard it from somewhere that the leftover makeups on your face can cause breakouts on your face - since it's blocking your pores. In this step though, use cleansers that give moisture in your face since double cleansing can tighten your pores --> might make your skin dry.

(3) Use toner

Toner is a must for my skin for moirturizing and refining my skin. There might be leftover makeups on my face - so I always use toner to kind of clean my face befroe applying lotions.

(4) Apply acne treatment Lotion / moisturizers / serum on (but no more than 2 types)

I figured that putting bunch of cream and lotions on is not a good idea for a sensitive skin. Of course you need to provide proper amount of moisture on your skin - but no more than enough.

This is it !! Well.. it's basically what everyone does.... :) HAHA.. Nothing really special but just wanted to share!

Can you also share your skincare routine!?!?

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