2019 Victoria Secret Fashion Show has been CANCELLED??

omg I just saw this article

I know Victoria Secret is a dying brand ever since their quality dropped and Heidi Klum was long gone, but I didn't think things were this bad. I thought PINK would at least keep them afloat since that does relatively well with teens.

The article said its due to rebranding. But I think its about money as well.

As Naomi Campbell said

"I was never a Victoria Secret model because they couldn't afford me"

Seems like they can't afford anyone anymore.


Last year's show had terrible ratings because no one actually wants to see the Hadids and Kendall Jenner for the millionth time. You'd think the fashion industry would get that by now?

And they did Adriana Lima dirty by making THIS look her final walk after almost 2 decades of service and loyalty to the brand.


Maybe in time with rebranding and hopefully a quality overhaul, they can get back to the days of peak VS era which imo was early 2001-2005 when we had the Tyra/Adriana/Giselle/Heidi/Alessandra overlap. The days that when your mom wanted to buy you a "good bra" she knew to turn to Victoria Secret.

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