If you don't use a silk pillowcase, what are you even doing to your hair?

For those of you who don't sleep on silk or satin pillowcases or hair bonnets, why do you hate your hair?

The Enlightened Ones

Since using it, my hair is stronger, longer and every morning sweet baby angels float down from the heavens to gently pet my hair and whisper to me "Have a great day with no bedhead, beautiful" to wake me up.


During slumber is when the body replenishes itself and does a reset. The same goes for your hair but if you are sleeping on fabrics like standard cotton, you are drying out your hair and weakening it.


1. They protect and maintain the natural oils in your hair. Unlike cotton which soaks out your hair's moisture.

2. They don't cause much friction or static(which leads to bedhead) as your hair gently glides across these smooth fabrics like a calm wave on the sands of a Jamaican beach.


3. Aesthetic, sis! Look how nice silk bedding looks.

So please give your hair a break and throw out any fabric touching it that isn't silk or satin.

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