8 Times Erika Jayne Gave Us SERIOUS Hair Envy

I ABSOLUTELY adore Erika Jayne.

If you don't know her, she's a chart-topping(according to her) American dance-music singer/actress who is currently on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And on that show, she shows out and shows off like no one else can, honey.


She is never afraid to switch her look up and for that I thank her.

Here are some of her best hair moments to give us inspiration to be our best selves this summer!


The time she gave us 'I'm a corporate business woman, I only fly private'-Erika Jayne

The time she gave us "deck the halls with glam and glitter"-Erika Jayne

The time she gave us this momager inspired "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom" look

The time she brought back Disco and gave us all fever with this hot look.

The time she gave us 'pop diva, with chart-topping dance music'-Erika Jayne

The time she gave us "am I near 50 years old? or almost 26?" Erika Jayne

The time she gave us "Unbothered and loosely-waved" Erika Jayne

The time she put rope in her and still called it a look- Erika Jayne

Ugh, goddess-tier.


I hope seeing her looks will inspire you guys to not be afraid to try something different with your hair sometimes!

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