Angst Hours: Jaehyun

Soft/Angst hours are back for a short time!

5:23 PM:

"If you want me to I can bring her back," You tell Jaehyun. His best friend had recently died tragically and sudden. He had been torn up for weeks about it. Jaehyun raises his head to stare at you.

"You can?" He says his voice cracking.

Of course you could, you afterall were put on this Earth as Jung Jaehyun's guardian angel four years ago. You existed in this world because of him. Given that you were an angel you had the ability to save someone just once, you would've given that one chance to live again to Jaehyun had he died but when she died it was like a part of him had to. He wasn't the same anymore, so was he really living? Giving her another life was like bringing him back again as well.

You swallow breaking eye contact with him, "But if I do (bring her back) you won't see me anymore."

Jaehyun breathes out. "Why?"

You bite your lip. "Because it's my life for her's."


I hope you enjoyed this one!

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