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The story goes, something like this. A Handsome little baby boy was born, as a vanlentines day gift, for his parents in the year of 1983, on Feb 14th. They named their little bundle of joy, Bang Sung Hoon, who quickly became their pride and joy. He grew up, as a healty, compassionate and considerate man. Breaking and fluttering, many hearts as he grew more handsome as years passed by. Finally, the time, came in his life, where he had to decide what he wanted to do , in order, to support himself, and indulge his wants and his loved ones. He decided to pursue his intrest in the sports feild and chose swimming, as his vehicle to health, wealth and happiness. He majored In Physical Education, while securing a place in the national swim team. Won, many competitions with his accomplished butterfly stroke and kick. But, as fate would have it, he met with an accident, and hurt his Spine. As a swimmer, maintianing the correct posture, is important to keep not only the momentum strong, increase the speed, but also to reduce the strain on the body. He went into serve the mandatory military service, but was dischared early, because of his spinal injury. Fresh out of the military, and knowing, his dreams of becomming the national swim champ, cruely shortened. He took on the challenge on becomming a actor and enrolled himself in an acting school and signed up under the talent agency named Stallion entertainment. On hearing about auditions for New tales of giseng, he went in to try his luck. The moment he walked in for the auditions, both the pd and writer, thought to them selves "ah! this is Ah da mo!" And the rest, as they say is history. With no projects or prior modeling assignment's, this hunk of a guy, of 6ft.Stole our hearts, when he protred, the role of da mo to the 'T'. He now has many modeling assignments in his kitty, and is currently pondering on his next lead role. more at

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