Pictures That Perfectly Describe Canada

A puppy in an RCMP outfit?? Cute enough to make even police stop for a pic

To be fair I don't think a t-rex in the streets would be great but flowers are 10000x better than guns!

If you go to university in Canada, you WILL see people like this at least once a week... even if the temperatures are below freezing, Canada is a different place

I think most Canadians would do the same, people are too nice

If you're marching at a protest you'll see 30+ hockey sticks minimum, I mean hey it works and most Canadians do have hockey sticks lying around their home (really fitting the stereotype eh?)

Geese are Evil - that is it

This is scarily accurate in Canada, especially in early spring, being in the sun vs the shade seriously is a 10-20 degree difference and I can feel this through the picture.

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