I Went to a Harry Potter themed Cafe / Bar this weekend and it was amazing

They have Hagrid's "Birthdae" cake along with many other choices

A wall full of wand boxes and a staircase filled with HP memorablia for a very posh photo op

We ordered quite a lot of things but of course had to get one of Hagrid's cakes and a butterbeer

The Dining Hall

The tables of the dining hall were littered with cool little "bits & bobs" you might find arounf Hogwarts

The decor was ON POINT


Long story short 13 year old me was geeking out, and the place has Harry Potter them music blasting the whole time so it really brought me back to my childhood days when I first read the books. Although the prices for food and drinks are crazy high it was worth it to be able to experience this 5-story place packed with nostalgia.

Read more about the cafe here on their facebook page!

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