Fashion Staples That Men Must Splurge On

Just like women, men also need some essential fashion hacks to put their foot forward in every walk of life. Yes! Men are as cautious as women when it comes to fashion. They love to splurge for branded fashion staples and invest in something that can bring value to their wardrobe and themselves.

This year the accessories are all about boyish charm, novel baseball caps and Boy Scout neckerchiefs. Let’s have a quick look at all the trends.

Bandana Neckerchiefs

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Slip on shoes

This year, the styles are all about showcasing a carefree and casual look. And the good thing is that options available in the market are endless. The latest designs show that fashion designers are paying a close attention to men’s footwear and those not so trendy casual slippers. You can keep things a bit classier by pairing them with traditional trenches. Get the floral designs to keep things simple and casual.

Long scarf

So, it is not just the Bandana Neckerchiefs that are in trend but the long scarfs are in vogue as well. Long scarf in versatile colors in the thinner fabric is what guys are vouching for these days. These long scarves can be used to take up a casual or corporate look both. It is best to be used with trenches and spring jackets. If you wish to gather the attention, opt for more contrast and defined patterns.

Neutral Stripes

This one is an emerging street savvy style. The combination of bold reds, black and blues on crisp white looks tempting. For a more casual look take up thinner pinstripes and go for thicker patterns for a bolder look. Pair them with dark sunglasses to look hot and chick!

Beige suits

Latest men’s fashion is all about relaxed simplicity which is why it is no surprise that beige blazers are heavily trending in men’s fashion. The contemporary pastel colors will complement the modern silhouette and style. Pair them up with slim crocheted ties to add oodles to your charm.

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