Kpop Songs With The Same Name (Part 2)

Here is a long list I've compiled of kpop songs with the same name! If I miss any let me know! :)

Hands Up - 2PM

Hands Up - B.A.P

Remember - 9Muses

Remember - Katie

Bad - Infinite

Bad - Canhaz (Ft. Acacy)

All Night - SNSD

All Night - Long:D (Ft. Doyeon (of Weki Meki))

Monster - Henry

Monster - EXO

Monster - Big Bang

Suggested By:@QueenPandaBunny

She also suggested Monster by Super Junior but I'm only posting songs with Music Videos.

Sunset - KNK

Sunset - Kim Donghan

Twilight - ONEUS

Twilight - Big Marvel (FT. Ysabelle)

Blue - Ha Sungwoon

Blue - Big Bang

Red - The Rose

Red - Hyuna

Heaven - Eden (Ft. Heize)

Heaven - Ailee

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