DIY Vegan Lip Gloss Recipe

Hey guys, I'm kind of into DIY these days - especially those vegan recipes! <3

I'm sharing a recipe for making a lip gloss! Hope this helps.... I'm going to try this too!

Living a vegan lifestyle has become more and more popular over the last couple of years and this recipe will give perfect solution to those of you who worry about the ingredients all the time... whenever purchasing new cosmetic items!


1/2 teaspoon | 0.1 oz | 2 g Candelilla or carnauba wax

1 tablespoon | 0.4 oz | 12 g Coconut oil

2 tablespoons | 0.4 oz | 12 g Castor oil

Cosmetic mica for color

Empty lip gloss containers


double boiler

Once the wax has melted add the coconut oil.

As soon as the wax and coconut oil have melted, add the castor oil and stir until it forms a liquid.

Add cosmetic mica and stir until dissolved. Use more or less to get the color you like.

Pour the mixture into the containers and let cool to room temperature. I like to let them sit overnight.

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