Kpop Songs With The Same Name (Part 3)

Here is a long list I've compiled of kpop songs with the same name! If I miss any let me know! :)

Fly - Got7

Fly - Gaho

Are You Ready? - D-Crunch

Are You Ready? - B.I.G

Crazy - Infinite H

Crazy - 4Minute

Ah Yeah - Winner

Ah Yeah - EXID

Good Luck - Beast/Highlight

Good Luck - AOA

Between Us - CNBlue

Between Us - Laboum

O.M.G - Halo

OMG - Double K (Ft. Seo Inguk, Dok2)

OMGT - Madtown (is similar but since it's not the exact same I won't list it)

Save Me - BTS

Save Me - I'M

Get It - Younha (Ft. HA:TFELT, Cheetah)

Get It - Pristin V

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