How to make voluminous curls !!

It rains alot in my area these days - and on a rainy day, my curls won't stay strong.. and turn straight in second. Urgh! And so, I found this video!!! (she's one of my favorite!) She gives tips about how to fix your hair curly hair, what to put on before ironing your hair and stuff.. ya...!! anyways ! I got some screenshots as well, so hopefully it will make you easy to understand the steps :)

Items mentioned in the video: Items mentioned in the video:

After curling your hair, squeeze it so that it can stay strong as it cools down!

Then you clip it to make voluminous, strong hair curls!

Same steps to your hair !

Ta-dah! you're all set !

See how voluminous and think the curls look!? :)

She said it will last long ( that's what she said so I have no clue it this is tru..let's try tho..haha)

Yup! she's a beauty <3 I love her hair and hairstyles! As always.

What do you think!?

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