Who's the Richest Singers in the World!?

Yeah.. world is big and there are many rich people in the world <3

Have you ever wondered who's the richest singers in the world!???? See if your expectation matched with reality!

Well, as you have all guessed....!!

The Richest Singers 2019

According to Forbes’ annual list of wealthy celebrities, this year’s four richest singers are:



In 2017, Fenty launched a range of cosmetics products, generating over $ 100 million in revenue within the first few weeks. In the past year alone, the beauty company has earned $ 570 million, according to Forbes magazine. Experts say Rihanna has invested her wealth wisely. They say that she is famous as a singer, but her wealth is not limited to music.


Total assets are £ 448 million

*Celine Dion

Total assets are £ 350 million


Total assets are £ 314 million

Wow.. what do you guys all think?? I didn't know Rihanna would be that rich!! I though Beyonce would be actually richer than her haha .

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