Kpop Songs With The Same Name (Part 4)

Here is a long list I've compiled of kpop songs with the same name! If I miss any let me know! :) This is the last part I have planned. But if I come across more or if any of you have any suggestions I will make another card!

Really Really - Winner

Really Really - Cherry Bullet

Danger - BTS

Danger - Taemin

Miro - Romeo

Miroh - Stray Kids

Without You - NCT U

Without U - Romeo

Hero - Monsta X

Hero - BLK

Day By Day - High4

Day By Day - MyName (Ft. D.O)

Shadow - Beast/Highlight

Shadow - The Legend

Baby I'm Sorry - MyName

Baby I'm Sorry - B1A4

Hocus Pocus - PLT

Hocus Pocus - BVNDIT

Pretty Pretty - Pentagon

Pretty Pretty - Ladies' Code

Knock Knock - MXM

Knock Knock - Twice

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