Kpop Songs Where The Title Is Repeated

For example: Liar Liar - Oh My Girl. This is just for the listed title, not in the actual song. Like Boom - NCT Dream, in that song Boom is repeated but not in the title of the song. If you get what I mean?

Will not be listing songs like Bang Bang Bang - Big Bang, as I am making another card for those ones!

Liar Liar - Oh My Girl

Dumb Dumb - Red Velvet

Boom Boom - Seventeen

Bboom Bboom - Momoland

Woo Woo - DIA

Eung Eung - APINK

Ah-Ah - Teen Top

Dalla Dalla - ITZY

Picky Picky - Weki Meki

Hwi Hwi - Laboum

Oh! Oh! - Berry Good

Why Why - Shannon Williams

Click Click - Kang Xiwon

Sorry Sorry - Super Junior

Eyez Eyez - Victon

Hello Hello - B.I.G

Baby Baby - Winner

Knock Knock - MXM


Knock Knock - Twice

Bloom Bloom - The Boyz

Rolling Rolling - 1TEAM

Bet Bet - NU'EST

Holla Holla - Z-Boys

Hola Hola - KARD

Bomb Bomb - KARD

Dance Dance - Day6

Bae Bae - Big Bang

Bing Bing - AOA

Bling Bling - iKON

Pretty Pretty - Ladies' Code

Stumble Stumble - DGNA


TT - Twice

Girls Girls - Girls Girls

Haru Haru - Big Bang

Pretty Pretty - Pentagon

NCT ・ Pentagon ・ oneus ・ Theboyz
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