Best Korean Ramen Recommendations!

Hi guys! I'm pretty sure that you guys are interested in eating Korean style ramen <3 !! But there are plenty of choices out there -are you left in pain in choosing which one to try?! Come and follow follow soobak! I give best recommendations for you!

(1) Shin Ramen

This is like the number 1 - the most famous Korean style ramen you see everywhere. Well, it's not just everywhere for no reason. It is actually a good choice. It's tasty, spicy and addicting!

(2) Neoguri Ramen

This has more of seafood flavor in the ramen and the noodles are thicker than Shin ramen. I actually really like it. It taste like.....a noodle in a spicy seafood shabu broth.

(3) Teumsae Ramen

This one is a bomb!! It's super spicy... so don't try it if you drink gallons of milk with Shin ramen! But I really like it <3

(4) Buldak Fried Ramen

This doesn't have any broth - it's just with a spicy sauce, which makes it more spicy..?.. you can't rely on to anything while eating this one... milk doesnt work..shit.. but it still is verrryyy addictive....!!!

(5) Jin Jjambbong

This came out like.. last year?? It taste like Chinese style spicy broth noodle!! Very similar with Neoguri, but noodle is thick-er than Neoguri one. It tastes stronger than Neoguri! I recommend this one if you are really into Seafood flavors :)

What do you think? Do you have any other ramens in mind? please recommend !!

Follow me and you'll see :p
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