Find the right ponytail for you!

Ponytails are one of the simplest hairstyles to do but there is a catch. Not all ponytails will fit all face shapes. I made this really quick simple guide to show you how you can find the one that is right for you!

Ponytail for Round Faces

-The higher the better, a super high ponytail will elongate your face, making it less round if you want to add length to your face.

Ponytail for Square or Rectangle Faces

-Instead of sleek it's best to go for tousles and loose wavey strands to soften your jaw

Ponytail for Heartshaped Faces

-If you have heartshape head it means your forehead is wider than your jaw/chin so to balance this out, you need sideswept bang with a loose ponytail

Ponytail for Oval Faces

- A mid to low ponytail will great with an oval face. Oval faces tend to be the best to work with for hairstyles so pretty much any style would look nice, but I recommend this:

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