7 Rules to Become a Straight Human Being

If you are focusing on your work from school, office, health, finances or personal life but unfortunately you are continuously distracting and procrastinating your works then you will not able to achieve your goal.

In order to complete your task, you have to stay focused. And in order to be focused, you have to be punctual and professional in approach. Being focused on the target is very much important if you wish to be a straight human being.

Listed below are the 7 rules for becoming a straight human being.

Set your Goals smartly

Never work blindly for anything, it is very much advisable to make plans smartly. So, it means you have to structure your goals in a well-planned manner and small amounts to help you achieve your goals. 

Create a Picture for Your Success Story

Set a picture of your goal in your mind and keep reminding yourself all the time about your goal. It will help you to stay motivated towards your goals. Try to know how it will look in the future so that you will push yourself out of your limits to achieve your goals at any cost. Along with this, it will also keep you away from various distractions that come your way. 

Keep Your Routine in Your Sight

Make a list of your daily work and set the schedule according to the list. Paste this list on the wall in front of you and take strong determination to complete your all task written in the list. With the help of this trick, you will get closer to your goals easily and also keeps yourself focused.

Identify and Remove Disturbances

Now, it’s time to identify all those things that pull you away from your goals. Find all these distractions and do something about them. All those things that are unimportant or unwanted must be ignored instantly. Set your full-day schedule in which there should be no time for these attractions. Follow your time-table with honesty.

Set a Role Model

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Not all tasks are easy and crucial. So, set your prioritized tasks according to their level and complete them according to their priority. 

Visually Track Progress

Install an app through which you can track your progress. It is very important to know how far you are away from your goal. So, break your big project into more digestible parts, and see where you currently are in the big picture.


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