Toast Ideas for Breakfast!

No more cereal!!!

(1) Smoothie

Mear your toast with almond butter, spread a dollop of yogurt on top, top with sliced bananas, sliced strawberries, blueberries and sprinkle with chia seeds. So delicious!

(2) Scramble

Creamy sliced avocado meets scrambled eggs- a match made in breakfast heaven. This combo is a game changer from your usual scramble. Topped with fresh sprouts which adds a fresh bite and sprinkled with crushed chilli flakes for some sneaky heat. A little salt and pep and you’re good to go.

(3) Tune Melt

I’ve been teasing you guys with this one for a few days now, you can find the recipe below. Open faced or closed, I just can’t get enough of this one! This combo is bursting with all kinds of flavours and crunch

(4) Smokey Salmon

Now if this doesn’t want to make you get out of bed, I don’t know what will! Smear your toast with a generous amount of cream cheese, top with crunchy cucumbers, add a few slices of smoked salmon, sliced red onions, capers, and fresh dill. You’re welcome!

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